My Biggest Decision: Why I Chose Kings University


I guess you’re wondering why it is my biggest decision? Well……………………………………….

I was hooked on to Kings University after I saw the beautiful old buildings seamlessly embedded into lively Osun state. The traditions of the school mixed with the modern and upbeat landscape of excited and lured me in.

I entered my first year as an accounting student taking all sorts of courses from Introduction to Economics to Myths of French Sensuality and had course sizes of 30 students meeting in classrooms for lectures to over 500 students meeting in the Lecture Hall for Chancellor’s lectures.

 I took one Taxation course on a whim knowing that it would be something that I would enjoy. I fell in love with Taxation because it was a subject that allowed me to critically think about the format we were studying in a way no other subject I was taking could. At the end of my first year, I ended up disliking the course.

Realizing that I would be spending four years studying one subject and building connections in that field, I decided to pursue my passion and make the most of my university experience by learning about somethings I was truly interested in which were FASHION & BLOGGING.I was pursuing my course of study. On the side, I was BLOGGING & exploring my interest in the FASHION field.

My one piece of advice to anyone making decisions about universities and subjects of study is to consider all the factors that come into play. Throw all your pre-conceived notions out the window and really sit down and think about what you want. More often than not, your gut instinct will guide you the best and I stand to tell you that Kings University is the best and I am proud to be a student.

Here in Kings University, there is large selection of studies, good lecturers and an excellent social life. The University offers various possibilities for study in my field of interest which are not available in other universities in nigeria. 


Femi Taylor Adeniyi

Femi Taylor

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