Blog Break + A List Of My Favourite Post On The Blogger Point

I feel ashamed to say this even though it feels strange. Been struggling to come up with a blog post for weeks but this has not been forthcoming due to school work and procrastination and I sincerely apologise for this

I’ve been away for so long due to the fact that have been trying to balance school work alongside blogging  admist other things .I must confess that has not been easy for me.

This semester has been very rough for me because of the workload..This semester was just usual but am glad it’s over and I can’t channel my energy to blogging .

Sincere apologies for just dropping off the earth for the past months it wasn’t intentional

Pls accept my sincere apologies.



Irrespective of the fact that have not been blogging have been reading a lot and making research to help me become successful and consistent at blogging and THE BLOGGER POINT helped during this point and I came up with a list of  my favourite post on the blogger pointt.

  1. FIVE APPS YOU NEED TO START BLOGGING FROM YOUR PHONE: for the first time I learnt about a new application called  CANVA. It helps you create attractive and intestine info graphics .
  2. HOW TO EASILY BUY ALL YOUR BLOGGING GADGETS AS A  STUDENT :Here I also learnt how to save effectively for those gadgets that are very important to me as a blogger and a student. 
  3. HOW TO CREATE A PERFECT COHESIVE INSTANTAGAM THEME : I Learnt how to use various apps like Airbrush ,vsco to create apps apps mazing instar am feed. Even though I have the vsco app on my phone and I never saw reasons to use it not until I read up the post on the blogger point it was insightful.

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  1. This legit is my life right now. Couldn’t find my mojo

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