6 Things I Have Learnt As A Lagosian In 2K17

“LAGOS” The London of Nigeria, The place where every fool is a genius, and every genius is a fool, the place where Home is Home.
This is “LAGOS”, the Centre of Excellence, the place where you spend eternity in traffic, and have noise pollution as your girlfriend, and carbon mono oxide as your bestfriend.

We are in “LAGOS”, the reservoir of alcohol, where residents drown themselves in alcohol, because it is the only consolation.

This is our “LAGOS”, our home away from home, the home that is our home, the home that is our heart, and the home that we have grown to love.

“LAGOS” is quite a familiar city to many, for you may have lived here once or twice. It may be easier for many who do not live here to enjoy the sights and sounds of LAGOS because they were merely visiting. However, we have been living here for 2 decades now and we must say in the past years, our eyes open daily to things that are peculiar only to this city that we quite frankly can’t compare to anywhere else we have lived. It’s just there, in a world of it’s own. 

We have been able to put together 12 things that we have learnt in the last 2years as a Lagosian.

•I Have Learnt to Carry A Power bank & WiFi every where I go. This I find very odd, but to be honest this is the way I roll & is the first thing I have learnt being a Lagosian. I don’t have the time to be dragging with Mtn or Glo over their undependable data. So the solution is to buy a mobile Wi-Fi with a power bank to charge my phone because as you know, no light.

•I Can be on the run, eating, talking on the phone & still hop on a bus, all at the same time. This is one of the weird things I have learnt. This happens all the time in Lagos. I now operate with the mantra ‘time waits for no man’, so I have learnt some tricks on how to juggle different activities at the same time.

•Save the best for the last. Another of the sayings I learnt as a Lagosian. That is to say yr best clothes are for church. This is weird for me as I am more of a clothier but apparently your suit, best shoes e.t.c are to be worn to church.  Sundays are for taking photos. You need to look hot both for Jesus & for instagram.

•I am always vigilant & in a hurry

As a Lagosian, I have learnt & understood the need to always stay sharp & move fast, and it has become my second nature. You can never catch me keeping my things carelessly in public places or walking sluggishly on the streets, especially crowded streets.


•And Yes, I do not refer to the state as “LAGOS”.
I do not refer to the city as ” Lagos”, a majority of others use the term “Eko” while the young use the term “Lasgidi”. Just incase you hear any Lagosian make mention or reference to ” LAGOS”, they are most likely talking about the Victoria Island part of the state.

•This might sound funny to you but as a Lagosian, I have learnt this funny habit. If someone messes with me on the streets, I categorically say to him or her without blinking my eyes – Do You Know Who I Am In This Lagos?



•Yea… Flood is not anything. That’s another of the things  I have learnt. Flood is just too much water. In a case of flooding, I still get in there and wade

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